We have 10 spots available.  It is a first come first serve registration.  The cost is $280 per team,  money can be sent to via paypal or e-transfer.  Payment can only be made DEC 1st and onward 2016.  Earlier payment will not be accepted.  Your team will only be listed below if it pays, also the only way on the waiting list is to pre pay.  If your team is on the waiting list and we are unable to find you a spot you will be refunded at a later time.  We usually have a team drop last minute, so the waiting list is a legitimate way to gain entry.  

Refunds will be given prior to Feb 28th.  After that no refunds.

What your registration gets you:
- 5 ETC style games of 40k over 2 days
- Brunch during the lunch period on day 2
- Swag - dependent on how many teams we get
- If you have a non playing coach they will need to purchase any swag.
- All the money collected goes towards swag, trophies and prizes

Registered Teams :
1- CanHammer - Chris Hanes C, Jason Sparks, Ciaran Gibbs, Max Dubois
2-Bloodbath and Beyond - Mike Harrison C, Hamza Syed, Chris Kanakos, Jeff Parent
3-Loaded Dice - Dan Platt C, Tristan Mitchell, Mike Renno, Michael Strang
4-Nathan Cerone C, David Krock, Haneef Kassam, Jono Fhleisdeir
5-Team Fear Check - Darren Tse C, Jamie Williams, Caleb Edwards, Ron McCallum
6-Savagely Lit - Berent Batur C, Michael Grove, Thomas Collier, Devin Swann
7-1 Plus Armour - Logan MacLaren C, Diogo Pita, Skylor Petrovich, Clarence Lee
8-Sexy Back - Huy Truong C, Joe Duca, Burton Wright, Jeff "Table Vomit" Brown
9-Forbes First Legion - Will Harris C, Jessie Rocha, Nik Rentas, Dustin Henshaw
10- Because Eldar - Ryan Pippy C, Jon Walsh, Evan Switzer, Mike Irvine, Bryce Pippy
11-$Cash$$$$MoneyHammer$ - Val Heffelfinger C, Konrad Motyka, Andrew Tackaberry, Alex Stewart
12-The Fighting Cephalopods - Will Paul C, Andrew Weber, Ian, Steve Tunstra
13-Greater Windsor Table Warriors - Tyler Walker C, West Bertozzi, Ryan Gillies, Ivor Chandler
14-Sons of Redshirts - Greg Evers C, Nate Stevens, Ricky Johnson, Riley Maxwell
15-The Basement Collective - Irvin Armitage C, Kevin Armitage, , Eryk Slav, Sarah Verdon
16-Greater Windsor Table Warriors MKII - Daniel Kindiak C, Rob Tacey, Kyle Sousa, Clement Burgess-Hulme
17-Atomic Death Squad - BJ Lamure C, Andrew Tripple, ?????, ?????
18- Team Moot Green - Mark Pepper C, Martin Somerton, Ian Shields, Daniel Caleb Matheson, Kyle Mpzer
19-Eternal Warriors - Jason Lichty C, Evan Steven's, Fred Vaudrin, Ridvan Cyr-Martinez
20-?????? - David Koszka C, Zach Bowles, Joshua Death, Garner Sammons
Waiting List :
-Phil DIck as a last minute spare
Volunteer Ringer Team:

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