Players packs, Rules and Scenarios

The CanHammer Team Tournament is a modified ETC Warhammer 40k event.  For people unaware the ETC is a big team event, that only allows for one team per country.  ETC uses 9 player teams where 1 player is a non playing coach.  Instead of 9 player teams we are doing 4/5 player teams.  Each team will be made up of 4 playing members with the option to have a 5th non playing member.

The basics:
  •  4 players per team , option for a 5th non playing member.  
  • Lists are due March 1st 2017 in ETC format. 
  • Armies must be 3-colour minimum with basing done.  
  • We will be hoping to use all other ETC rules, from terrain, table layouts, composition etc..
  • We will be either using as close to real 2017 ETC comp as we can.
  • This event will be ITC ranked based on individual scores.  
 Links you need:

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